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Jewellery Sets

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Sale Jean Paul Gaultier Jewelry duo with Matt Stone Grey 132957
This ensemble of a chain and a ring shows in a dull gray color. The je.....
101.91€ 15.00€
Sale Christian Dior Necklace  Clip Earrings Silvery 1592690
Jewelry Set of Cristian Dior consisting of long chain with movable pen.....
95.94€ 13.22€
Sale Christian Dior Clip earrings and chain Blue 263283
Silver tone chain at least 45 cm / length adjustable blue stone earrin.....
102.92€ 17.13€
Sale Christian Dior Jewellery set Gold 2116685
Great jewelry set by Christian Dior Love. Necklace with pendant, earri.....
87.90€ 14.54€
Sale Christian Dior Jewelry with stones Colourful / patterned 1868323
Features / details:- Gold colored metal- elegant Schmuckset- Stone and.....
66.95€ 17.81€

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